alyssamina (alyssamina) wrote,


Gymnastics (tumbling to be specific) rocks my world. There is nothing else that makes me feel so damn alive. I love it. Love. It.
I love how muscle memory stays, and how I can not do it for years and just pick up where I left off (again, this is pretty much just in tumbling). I love the power that tumbling creates, and just the feeling of concentrating only on where your body is going. I love having control over my movements. I love being able to fix one small part of something and getting instant results (for example, lengthen my round-off and find myself at least a foot higher off the ground).

And I just love bouncing, and flying, and flipping.

I even love doing ridiculous pre-workout conditioning. And how coaches are so demanding and won't let you get away with anything.

Now I must come off of my high, and work on my thesis....I hope I will be able to walk tomorrow :)
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