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I vaulted today. It was amazing. I haven't done vault at all since I was 15 years old...and then to top it off they have in fact changed the vault since I last did it. Although I think I like the new one better. It has a material more like a basketball. Anyways, I balked at least 4 times (maybe more) but I actually did vault at least 4 or 5 times as well. Which in my mind in amazing, because this is something that scared me when I was a gymnast, so its a big deal that I can still do it. It was fascinating to have a very similar panic feeling when I ran at the vault, which of course causes me to balk. But I worked my way through it. I do think i managed to screw up my big toe balking though (another thing I've done before). Can't tell if I just jammed it, or if its broken maybe. hmmm....
Oh, and I bought new ski bindings.

And I'm studying for a test (can't you tell?).

Oh, and i had my thesis proposal approved earlier this week. Committee meetings scare the hell out of me before they happen, but once they are happening they aren't so bad. Or, at least I don't shake to much while I'm trying to talk to my committee. And I manage to mostly understand what they are saying.

Ok, now i'm going to participate in the real form of studying.
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