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So I had given up on my non-brooding starfish...their eggs were continuing to sit on the bottom of the dish totally uncared for. All the literature says that they will not develop if they are not brooded. I was one step away from just dumping them all down the drain (the eggs, not the starfish). I was taking one last look at them when I noticed...wait...those eggs look a little bobbly. So I thought I'd check 'em out on the dissecting scope, and low and behold, they are elongating and developing little tube feet.
On the one had this is excellent, because potentially I could still use them. On the other hand it sucks, because it means that the natural population is most likely at this stage as well...which means I need to have collected all of my starfish from San Juan at the last low tide. Oh, and of course now its March and there isnt' another semi-decent low tide for another two weeks.
I don't really know what I'm going to do about this...I guess I will start Monday to actually set up my research...which I hadn't planned on needing to do for at least another month.

For now I'm going to try and get my homework for both classes very close to done this weekend, so that they won't be getting in my way later. Or thats the plan at least.
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