alyssamina (alyssamina) wrote,

Tele and video

I tele skied over the weekend, and it was awesome. I can proudly say that I dropped the Chute on tele (and yes, I did cheat it a bit). I had a nuts weekend. yay weekend ski bum.

Then on monday I went to Spmc, not to return until today around 3. I didn't shower, I barely had time to eat (well, I ate on monday). My starfish babies have become full blown juveniles, and are booking it around their small little habitats. As a result, I have to take care of them, and sit in a cold room for 8 hours taking Dvd recordings of them. Sweet. While its questionable whether I will be able to use my data for what I collected it for, I will be able to use it for something at least. And now I have a better idea of what I will do, and can do it easily. Soo excited. I love being productive. So much more fun then the planning stage.

Umm...thats all for now. I should be productive in the more tedious way now (lots of grant stuff due).
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