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Ok, so its been a while since I've posted.

It turns out this quarter is very busy. I have alot of work all week, which puts stress on my usual weekends off to ski. Ah the skiing. The mountain is closed now (tear) so I will be using my extra rock climb? Maybe I'll try mountain biking...or maybe I'll use it to do my thesis..who knows!

I am currently waiting for the SEM to take a picture for get a good picture you have to let it scan very slowly...which takes forever. And there is nothing to do while it does it, except try and not move. So I have my computer here, and a few seconds ago I was actually attempting to photoshop some of the pictures I had taken. I took a few really awesome ones, even though I'm still not sure how all the things work on this machine. In fact, I'm having issues with the most simple how to focus on an image.

After this picture is done I get to go home. I'm feeling a bit peckish, and tired, so going home is a wonderful idea.
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