alyssamina (alyssamina) wrote,


Today I completed my last final and thought...I AM DONE!!! And then I contemplated what I wanted to do with my newly acquired free time. The first thing I did was pop open a guinness. The second thing I did...was my taxes. And then I cleaned my room. And did three loads of laundry.

The sad thing about this was that I sort of enjoyed doing all these things. I love that you can now not only see my floor, but I even vacuumed it. And all my cloths will be clean (soon...there still washing away). And my taxes are essentially done.

Tonight I have gymnastics, a date, and then we are going to 80's night. All in all this should be a good day.

Then tomorrow I get to go to shannon Point and catch up on all the work I have not been doing on my thesis recently.

I'm off!!
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